Resource scheme


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Purpose of the resource scheme

  1. In accordance with the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006, the cost of providing instruction , administration and facilities for the education of students enrolled at State schools who are Australian citizens or permanent residents, or childcare of Australian citizens or permanent residents, is met by the State.

  2. Parents/carers are directly responsible for providing textbooks and other personal resources for their children while attending school. In recognition that these costs can be high, the school operates a Student Resource Scheme (the "scheme") that enables a parent/carer to enter into an agreement with the school that, for a specified annual participation fee, provides for the temporary use by the student of prescribed textbooks and/or other resources, and/or the purchase of consumables and materials for the student.

​Benefits of the resource scheme

  1. The purpose of the scheme is to provide the parent/carer with a cost effective alternative to purchasing the prescribed textbooks and/or resources elsewhere, through reduced prices g​ained from the school's bulk purchasing practices.

  2. The scheme also ensures that students have consistent personal resources for their education, and saves the parent/carer time and money in sourcing the prescribed materials elsewhere.

  3. The scheme is not used to raise funds for other purposes, and revenue collected through the scheme is applied only to the operation of the scheme.

  4. The Junior Campus resource scheme includes all stationery and consumables.

  5. The Senior Campus resource scheme does not cover stationery and consumables and material lists can be found on this site.​​​​​​​​​

​The Resource Scheme Forms are available to be downloaded from our Documents page​.​

Student Resource Scheme - iPad

You are invited to join the Nambour State College Junior Campus iPad Student Resource Scheme (SRS). Participation in the iPad SRS is voluntary and you are under no obligation to join. However, please be aware that iPad and other items covered under this scheme are not funded by school grants, and are provided on a user-pays basis. 

The purpose of the scheme is to proivde you with a cost effective, value for money alternative to purchasing an iPad for your student to use within class through reduced prices gained from the school's bulk purchasing processes. The cost for participation in the scheme if $175 per year. To purchase the items individually would cost over $800. You can view what these funds cover below.

Please complete the Participation Agreement Form, indicting if you do or do not wish to participate in the scheme. If you do not elect to join the scheme, you are still required to return the Participation Agreement form. Parents are required to complete the iPad SRS Participation Agreement Form when joining the scheme for the first time.  A parent's participation or non-participaton in the scheme will continue as per their previously completed Participation Agreement form. A parent can opt in or out of the scheme in subsequent years by completing another Participation Agreement Form.

For payment options please refer to the student resource scheme.​


Last reviewed 23 November 2022
Last updated 23 November 2022