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Nambour State College Pinnacle Program 


Nambour State College has built a strong reputation for providing outstanding academic outcomes.  The Pinnacle Program is an accelerated learning program to support students of above-average ability, and engage them in leadership and skill-building activities beyond the classroom.

Providing a learning environment that supports deep and extended learning, the Pinnacle Program encourages students to strive for excellence, and supports a focus on higher-order thinking skills and problem solving.  Students will support each other in learning, participate in peer mentoring and receive academic coaching. The program supports and coaches students to achieve highly and develop essential academic skills, whilst being assessed equally to their peers.

Benefits of the Pinnacle Program:

  • Strong connections with a core class of other Pinnacle Program students for all subjects (aside from individually chosen electives)
  • A teaching and learning program that encourages student-led learning to deepen understanding and allow creativity to flourish
  • Academic coaching and focussed support to help all students to find personal excellence
  • Pinnacle Immersion Days for exposure to and development of global skillsets and team challenges beyond the classroom, along with connections to universities and research organisations.
  • Regular Masterclasses in a university lecture style environment (in our Auditorium's stadium seating) on mental wellbeing, growth mindset and time management.
  • Annual ICAS testing through the University of New South Wales in an area of student-nominated strength. This allows students to compare their skills on an international level.

The Pinnacle Program has highly-competitive entry requirements, and students must continue to meet these requirements to remain in the program. For students aiming to enter the program there are two modes of entry:

  1. New students: Complete Pinnacle Program entry form during one of the four entry rounds.
  2. Existing students: Complete the Pinnacle Pathway entry form at anytime and return to the office. Your application remains open should a place become available, and you will be able to participate in all Masterclasses and any leftover spaces on Pinnacle Immersion Days.

Nambour State College Young Pinnacle Program



A Young Pinnacle Scholars Program is also available for students in Year 5 & 6 across the Sunshine Coast.  The program is designed to provide enrichment and early high-school transition opportunities for bright and highly motivated students.  Young Pinnacle Scholars will participate in a number of Year 7 & 8 level activities whilst forming connections with like-minded students and school staff.

Successful applicants will participate in four 'Young Pinnacle Scholar Days' throughout the year at Nambour State College, as well as receiving early and additional access to opportunities including scholarship level entry to the full Pinnacle Program and additional transition opportunities to better prepare them for high school.

Young Pinnacle Scholars is a pathway program to the full Pinnacle Program at Nambour State College. Young Pinnacle Scholars must complete an Enrolment EOI to remain in the program during Year 6.

Nambour Academy of Creative Arts (NACA)

Year 7 to 10 students are being offered the opportunity to audition to be in the Music, Dance, Drama and Visual Art Excellence program. Successful applicants will participate in additional excellence classes throughout the whole year. Students will still participate in all the rotation electives on both elective lines. At Nambour State College, we are proud to offer a wide variety of award winning ensembles, groups and activities in which students can participate in.  Please note that for 2021 applications and auditions will be completed electronically.  For further information about the NACA program please contact Liz Clout HOD The Arts

Last reviewed 05 February 2021
Last updated 05 February 2021