Religious instruction


Religious instruction

Queensland state schools embrace a multitude of cultural, religious and non-religious beliefs and encourage students to grow and develop as a whole person, in particular, in beliefs, values and attitudes. State schools respect the background and beliefs of all students and staff by not promoting, or being perceived as promoting, any particular set of beliefs in preference to another.

Queensland state schools provide religious instruction in accordance with Chapter 5 of the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 Adobe PDF document External Link (EGPA) and Part 5 of the Education (General Provisions) Regulations 2006 Adobe PDF document External Link (EGPR) by making available up to one hour per week for the provision of religious instruction to students (except Prep students) who are members of a faith group that has approval to deliver religious instruction at the school.

Delivering a religious instruction program

In accordance with s.27 EGPR, religious leaders approve the program of religious instruction to be used by their accredited representatives as religious instructors. The religious leaders are responsible for the quality of the religious instruction program that is to be delivered in schools and are required to screen their accredited representatives, provide them with ongoing support and training and ensure they are delivering only the authorised program.

Religious instructors are required to maintain accreditation with their faith group, have a current and valid Blue Card and deliver only the authorised program of the faith group. As part of school-based induction, religious instructors are required to complete Student Protection and Code of Conduct training.

Participation in RI is not compulsory

Any student (except Prep students) may participate in RI if a parent has given consent and indicated a religion, on the Application for Student Enrolment Form or in other written advice to the principal. Any child not participating in RI, or whose nominated religion is not represented within the RI program/s at the school, will receive other instruction by a qualified member of school staff in a separate location during the time RI is held.

Other instruction will relate to subject areas that have already been covered in class. At any time, parents may provide written instruction to the principal to change their preference for their child to participate in or be withdrawn from RI.

The faith group that provides religious instructors to deliver the program at our school is listed below:

Arrangements for programs

Participating faith group/s

Name of RI program

Delivery details

Cooperative program

  • Newlife Church
  • Calvary Christian Church
  • Flametree Baptist
  • Bible society
  • GodSpace
Refer to classroom teacher with designated times.

Aims and Objectives: To deepen and enrich the students’ experience of God, as revealed through Jesus Christ and the Bible.

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Last updated 28 February 2023